Hey lovely Patrons!

I have the pleasure to announce the Sleeping Sun cover the community has voted for is finally done!   🎩 This is a formal invitation for you to go ahead and pre-save it Spotify here:  >>PRE-SAVE IT ON SPOTIFY HERE<< 

 I’m especially proud of this recording because I finally feel this is sounding like I want my music to be.  It took a lot of work, practice and patience to get to this point where I feel my recordings finally sound the way I want them to.

I still have a lot to learn, but also I finally feel like I’m not ashamed to share my music with the world anymore, and it’s such a nice feeling!

I will be making the download available for Patrons in March, as well as other work-in-progress recordings I am currently working on for my upcoming EP!  Next month will be full of really exciting stuff!

See you around!

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