August Update!

Hey lovely people!

I’ve had a really heavy beginning of the month with wayyyy too many things on my shoulders!  I haven’t been able to post much on social medias, but here some of the things I’ve been working on just to keep you guys a bit updated!

Church Live Recording

The preparation for the tracks is now almost done, I have just one final round of aproval to do for them!  Francis (my sound engineer) did an amazing job with them, as always!  The sound we started with had so much noise and bad resonances and he cleaned everything up nicely, and just basically outdid himself and did some magic tricks.

I’m sort or really hesitating whether I should put those tracks on Spotify or not though, because they are okay, but they are definitely very imperfect.  I do a couple of very obvious mistakes and I’m not sure how I feel about having them there after all.  I’m still thinking about it, but what’s certain is they will be posted on YouTube, and you guys will get access to all the downloads over here! 🥳

Random Surprise Recording Gigs

Somehow, I got a massive amount of recording gigs this week that just fell on my lap, but that’s going to be a LOT of work that I can’t show until the music is actually released by the artists.  But in case you’re wondering: when I’m the most silent on social medias is probably also when I am working the most on stuff.  I feel social medias are quite distracting at times  and I just can’t keep track when there’s too many things

Band Audition

Next week I’m auditioning for a band here in Finland.  I’ve been wanting to work with other musicians here in Finland, and I feel I might have found a proper match. The seem to be kinda power metal and used to have a male vocalist, but they decided they would like to switch up and find a female vocalist.   The guys are really cool and I really can’t wait to meet them!  They are auditioning me with Nemo and Amaranth 😂👍 Loving it!

 I’ll update you guys more on that later!

Album Update

The album has been progressing a bit, I’ve re-recorded some vocals for the pre-prod again and we’re definitely getting somewhere.  I’m starting to feel really impatient, I want this album to get recorded and released but there is still sooooooo much stuff to do!  My task list looks infinite, but I’m determined to make it happen!  It’s just going to be a lot longer than I thought initially to get to the point where it’s ready!  I’ll probably show you guys some snippets of the music here and there again this month, depending how things progress!!!

Kitee Vlog

Many have asked about it!  I started the editing and I did the cuts for Day 1/3, but I’m still having a bit to go!  I realized the camera is REALLY shaky, which I knew to some extend, but even when I was trying to hold it stable it’s looking all over the place, I guess I’ll just have to work with that!

I wanted to get it out ASAP but I just won’t really be able to with everything that’s happened this week! 😱  I’m just a bit overwhelmed and I don’t know how I’ll manage to do everything I need to in time!

Anyways, trying my best here and rushing a bit, but also I’m doing so many things that I love and it’s making it definitely a lot easier! ❤️

I keep you updated!

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