Dear Guitar Pro, I’m Breaking Up With You

Dear Guitar Pro,

I’m breaking up with you.   We’ve had very good moments together and I’m grateful for them, but also you and I, we always had a bit of problems getting along.   I’ve tried really hard to be understanding toward you and let go of the little things that we bothering me.  I know you’re a great software, it’s just that I can’t deal with your mood swings anymore.

You’re the best software there is when it comes for writing guitar, but I can’t find a more polite way to say sometimes you make my eyes bleed on a theory perspective.  The truth is, we’ve grown into different directions you and I, and guitars are not the only instrument I wish to write for.

There is no nice way to say this, but I’ve been cheating on you for a while…  her name is Musescore. I know it hurts, but she understands my needs way better than you ever will.

I was glad to have you by my side, but I think you and I were just never meant to be in the end. Thanks for being here all those years, though, I’ll keep good memories of our relationship.


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