You wish to take lessons with me but you live abroad?  There’s absolutely no problem!  I do give distance lessons through Discord (or Skype) and have been doing so almost exclusively since about a year. 

Online music coaching is something relatively new and unheard of so it can make new students a bit uncertain to try, understandably so. That’s why I’ve been gathering a couple of questions and extra info on this page to help you get prepared for your first lessons, and so you know what to expect from them.

 If you’d like to try out a first lesson, add me on discord: Elvann#7536 or fill the “Book a Lesson” form on my Website!

What do I need for the lessons?

  • A computer & good internet connection.
  • Discord Installed on your computer.  You might want to join my Discord Server for more support & free content.  I generally do not really teach on Skype as I largely prefer Discord for it’s communication & community value, but it’s also a possibility.
  • You need to have your own instrument (As I will be unable to lend you mine for the time of the lesson)
  • You need to have a microphone & a camera with good enough quality.  Laptop build-in cam & mics usually will do the job.
  • If you’re looking onto a better setup, a lot of reasonable priced gear is available on Amazon.  I personally recommend the C920 Logitech Webcam and the Zoom H1 USB microphone.
  • You need to install “Musescore”, which is a free music notation software.  I will use this tool frequently for exercises and examples during our lessons.

What are the pros/cons of online music education?

I think the best part about online music teaching is it allows both students and teachers to find the best fit for them, and find the right teacher that’s going to specialize in the things they are looking to learn.  With online music teaching, there are no limits to finding the best match for your style of learning and your approach.

For instance, my teaching approach is focused on creativity & language.  I work with students who not only want to learn how to perform music, but want to understand the langue and develop their creative potential.  I teach accompaniment, writing, composition and technique.  I also have a more technical approach with streamer students who are looking to build consistency and endurance in their performances on Twitch.

While I’m very flexible as a teacher, those are the areas that I specialize in due to my specific experience as a music creator and streamer, and students all around the world who are looking for that specific expertise will be a perfect match and get so much more of what they are actually looking for.

The only cons that I see with online music teaching is technology isn’t yet at that point where latency would allow me accompanying of singing along students, but it hasn’t really been a problem as there has always been other alternative for demonstration.