Happy New Year + Goals for 2019

Hello beautiful people!  I want to first start this with wishing everyone a happy New Year, and immediately so with a big huge thank you for your support throughout the year of 2018.  Your help & support has been impactful, and I’m absolutely grateful for your trust.  Thanks for believing in me and believing in what I do. <3

To spice this up, I thought I’d share some of my goals for 2019:

– Record & publish more music, in the form of single releases or in Album/EP formats.  This time I want to release more songs with vocals in them.

– Get back to streaming more on Twitch, with a bit more consistency.  This year, I want to start exploring the things I prevented myself from exploring and I want to start sharing more of the production process for creating my songs.  I want to do various things on stream like art and coding.

– I want to get back to making more YouTube videos consistently and really focus on the songwriting process & production, a bit in line with what I’ll be working on this year with my own original music.

– I want to keep participating in projects like The Song Swap, Saving Music LIVE & Movember, and also create some of my own.

– I want to get back to a more organized state to allow myself to carry the projects I want to see happen throughout the year.  That also means being more consistent in my content in general and revising Sub & Patreon perks, updating a lot of stuff, finnishing my merch uploads, creating desings & emotes.  I want to get back on the top I had to abandon in the end of last year

–   I want to give a bit more importance and focus to my coaching buisness. Teaching online has been my most incredible and valuable experience of 2018 and I want to bring it with me and build on top of that in 2019.  I think people don’t know that this is an actual option and I want to educate more about it and talk about it.

So that is it for now!  That’s just a little brainstorm of what is to come in the next few months ahead, and I hope you’re just as excited as I am for these new upcoming things!

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