Hello April!

  Hey lovely people!
I just want to open this month’s update with welcoming new members who joined this month and just giving to all of you a big THANK YOU for your support!  I’m so happy we reached the goal we had set to reach 10 patrons, and we’ll be celebrating it with a YouTube Livestream on Sunday at 7pm GMT+2!

As a team, you guys are having such an incredible impact on my ability to create the music I create.  You’re helping me cover the mixing, mastering, editing, softwares, distribution licences, and other tools that I need to keep doing what I do.


You guys are contributing to helping me with this, so I want to be as open as possible with you about the actual costs and everything that’s involved in creating music, and therefore share what is going to be our next milestone, and most importantly, what does that represent.

Every music video costs me at least $100USD in overhead costs to produce at the moment.  That does only include the mixing, mastering, and sometimes the editing.  There are so many more expenses that go into it, and endless of (definitely yet unpaid) hours I spend working on it, but if at least I can start with affording to pay the other musicians who work with me in making those sound amazing, that would be a great start!

And it’s amazing because we are already almost halfway there at this point!  You guys are already contributing in a very tangible way to making this possible, and for that, THANK YOU!  We’re continuing to go forward with this!


I know you guys are already supporting me here, so of course, I’m not asking for more in that regard.  Instead, simply sharing my music with a friend who you know have similar music interests as you, and who you think would love my music too would make a HUGE difference!

Simply send them your favorite cover I made, here’s a couple of ones:

Maybe share one of those on your favorite social media, or send it directly by DM to one of your friends.  That would make a world of difference for me!


Now for our monthly content schedule!  This month, a LOT of things are happening and I’m fighting on all fronts, therefore, the schedule I made is a bit more flexible, but here are the big lines:

  • Sunday April 5th: YouTube Livestream @7pm GMT+2 (Helsinki Time).  This will be a special Livestream where I will be prioritizing Patrons’ music requests.  If there is music you want me to play, you have to request from my songlist and comment it under this post:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/special-10-35393178
  • Angels Fall First mp3 download & sheet music will be made available for download on Monday April 6th!
  •  This month, I have no cover release planned (well, the irony…) but hear me out!  I’ll still be working on recording the vocals for what might be the next one: Last Ride of the Day.  With this band project, we’re not working on a specific schedule, so it’s hard for me to predict when it’s going to be out, but I’ll keep you informed!
  • This month, I’m jumping 2 feet into the production process for my upcoming album.  There’s no date for it yet, but I’m hoping to release it in 2020.  We are currently working on 14 songs, and I’ll keep you guys updated on the process!
  • I have a couple of extra patron posts that I’m wanting to post here this month!
  • I’m opening my online store around the middle of the month, which is a really new and exciting thing for me!  I worked SO HARD on it it’s not even funny!  I’ve prepared a special collection of designs that’s only going to be available for my V.I.P. list, which you can sign up for here: http://www.elvann.com/store-pre-launch (it’s free, I just wanted to make it really special and exclusive for the people who really care about it.  And the designs, I swear, are drop-dead gorgeous tier, the artist who made those is godly tier)
  • As Nightwish releases their album on April 10th, I’m also expecting to create a couple of reaction videos for their new songs, but I don’t yet have a specific plan for that, I’ll have to play by ear!

SO MUCH happening for me at the same time this month, so what i’ve planned in terms of content is a bit more flexible, but I’ll do my best to carry you through this journey with me and show you more of what’s happening behind the scenes than usual!

Take good care!  


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