I posted a video per day for an entire month, and I’m sharing what I learned, and how posting every single day affected my stats compared to the month before. Hopefully this can give you an idea of what’s really in your power, and how “doing the work” can greatly benefit. I like to take the power back into my hands, and make the things that I want to see happen happen. Relying on luck is never the best option.

So, while this challenge was originaly to attempt keeping my YouTube Partnership and I wasn’t able to reach the requirements, I’m extremely happy that I did it. I learned so many things about myself and it brought me to review my way of percieving content. I’ll now keep goiing forward with this new mindset, and just allow myself to me more flexible and creative with my own content.

Hope it inspires you!

Music: My Cold Embrace (demo) by Elvann

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