Musescore has been my favorite music notation software since a while for so many reasons. It is a free tool that has the ability to create sheet music the same way Finale, Sibelius, or any other music notation software does… but it’s free (

In this video, we’re going through workflow techniques and shortcuts to help you get the best out of Musescore, speed up your writing process and enable you to be creative in your music creation.


n :notation mode
ctrl+t = text over staff
ctrl+k = chords
ctrl+l = Lyrics (classical notation)
ctrl+m = marker

note input: A, B C …
rythm input: 1-7
. : dotted note
s :slur
+ :link notes

ctrl+up/down: octable switch
ctrl+shift+up/down = change staff

Ins : insert a measure (before)
ctrl+B : Append measure
alt+shift+B Append multiple measures

shift+click : select

I : instruments
P: Piano Roll
F10: Mixer

Music: My Cold Embrace (2 harps demo) by Elvann

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