Private Lessons (1-on-1)

With over 7 years of experience in teaching music as well as a Bachelor Degree in Music with the University of Montreal, I offer 1-on1 and group lessons online (through Discord) as well as in my studio in Montreal. If you’ve watched my streams on Twitch, you already know how passionate I am about teaching music, and how geek I am about music theory.

Subjects I teach:
  • Harp, Singing & Piano
  • Sight Reading
  • Solfège, Ear Training & Music Dictation
  • Beginner & Advanced Music Theory and Analysis
  • Music Composition & Songwriting
  • Creative Developpement

I can help you prepare your concerts, auditions & scholarship exams, or also simply realize a dream you always had.  I’ll make sure every lesson we have together is fun, challenging, and brings you the most of my experience.

Discord Lessons

You wish to take lessons with me but you live abroad?  There’s absolutely no problem!  I give lessons now using Discord (Yep, I’m ditching skype).  Technology is so awesome!

In order for our lessons to work, here a few things you need to have:

  • A fast enough internet connection
  • Discord installed on your computer.  You must join my community’s server.
  • You need to have your own instrument (for obvious reasons, I will be unable to lend you mine for the time of the lesson)
  • You need to have a microphone & a camera of a good enough quality.  Laptop build-in cam & mics might do the job, but having a slightly better quality might help making it easier for both of us.  A lot of reasonable priced gear is available on Amazon.
  • You need to install “Musescore”, which is a free music notation software.  I will use this tool frequently for exercises and examples during our lessons.
  • You’ll need to install Team Viewer on your computer.  It is a remote control software that will allow me to point things at you while I speak, and take notes directly onto your pdf files.

How does it work?

Lessons are generally booked every week, and the same time, and they last about 55 minutes. Each lesson, I will give you a private link to join the “private-lesson” voice channel in my Discord.  We’ll be meeting there to have our regular lessons.

Like I do with my studio students, I will be taking notes for you during our lessons to help remember what to work on between lessons.

Since notes on your sheet music will be taken on screen, I strongly recommend you either print a version of it and recopy my notes every week, or if you have a tablet, you could use the app called “forScore” to download our sheets there.


Online Video Lessons & Masterclass

I am currently working on creating downloadable courses to help you reach your full music potential without the costs of regular 1-on-1 lessons.  These courses can’t replace the help of a physical human being and real-time feedback, but they can help you get the most of the 1 hour we’re facing each other.

My ultimate goal is to create series of courses that can give you an experience that’s as close as possible to studying music in a college or University.  There are so many things I can’t fit in a regular lesson, that I feel don’t require me to sit by your side, and could help you make progress so much faster!

There are no release dates for these courses, but if you wish to stay updated, you can subscribe to my mailing list here:


Terms & Conditions

  • In-Studio Lessons are 40$ (CA) for 55 minutes, payable by interact transfer
  • Online Lessons are 40$ (US) for 55 minutes, payable by Paypal
  • Lessons must be paid BEFORE the lesson starts.  There is a possibility of booking multiple lessons for a discounted price.
  • Unless it’s for young children, I don’t offer 30 and 45 minutes lessons.  Though, I’ll be happy to offer longer lesson blocks if that is something you consider doing.  Get in touch with me for the prices.
  • I have a 24h cancel policy.  I will gladly rebook your lesson during the week (within 7 days), but only if that’s possible for both our schedules.  Otherwise, the course can’t be credited to the following week and will be lost without reimboursement.