Livestream Tonight at 7PM GMT+3

Hello beautiful people!

So, I made a mistake with the time, but I always meant Helsinki time, so it’s in fact +3 with the daylight saving time 😂  I hope that’s okay!  I can’t make it earlier because I teach!

I’m writing here to let you guys know the set in advance!  I’ve included 1 of your suggestion each, and included it into a sort of stroy structure!  The livestream will be live music playing, but also in-between, i’ll be telling a little bit more about my full story as a musician!  I thought it was a cool way to let you guys a bit more into my life and my journey, and I really hope you enjoy it!

Here is the set:

  • River Flows in You – Yiruma
  • Nemo – Nightwish
  • Fear Not This Night – Guild Wars II
  • Bring Me to Life – Evanescence
  • Memories – Within Temptation
  • Frühling in Paris – Rammstein
  • Sleeping Sun – Nightwish
  • The Dragonborn Comes – Skyrim
  • Journey of Shadows – Elvann

I hope you guys are as excited as I am with this setlist!  I really can’t wait!  I’ve streamed a lot on Twitch in the past, but I never put so much thoughts into it!  Now I’m off to review some of those pieces because some of them I didn’t play in a really long time!

Take care and see you later!

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