Releasing My First Single!


I can’t believe it! I finally gathered the courage to press the “publish” button. I’ve been hesitating in doing so for a while now, but now it’s done!

My first single “Mysteries Untold” has been released officially on May 10th 2019, and is now being available to listen to on Spotify, Bandcamp & more!

🌿 Save the track on your favorite streaming service:
Once the track is released, it will be available on Spotify, Napster, iTunes, Apple Music Google Play Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, and probably some more places.

⭐️ Get the Bandcamp SPECIAL EDITION: This is the Bandcamp pre-save which includes a UNIQUE instrumental version of “Mysteries Untold”. This special version will not be released on other platforms except for Bandcamp as a special thank you for supporting my music directly!

Myteries Untold Music Teaser

I’m already excited to get back to working on more music to release in the near future! Releasing my first track has been quite an experience!

2 thoughts on “Releasing My First Single!

    1. Elvann says:

      Do you mean a physical release? Not for these ones no, but in the future I will have physical releases! ❤️


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