Harp & Voice Performance

With over 7 years of experience in music and a Bachelor Degree in Music with the University of Montreal, I offer performance services for your events & wedding.  I work in the region of Montreal, but I can easily travel all around the world to make your event possible!

Types of Performance I can do:
  • Weddings, Baptism & Funerals
  • Dinners & Cocktails
  • Retirement Homes
  • Venue Concerts
  • Session Musician for Live & Recordings
  • Private Online Concerts

I play various styles of music, with or without voice.  My repertoire consists of classical, jazz, pop, rock, lounge celtic, medieval, film & video game music.  I’m open to take your suggestions and special demands to customize your event to your taste.  I can also work in collaboration with other musicians.


Salvi Arion SG 47 (Pedal Harp)

This harp is perfect for a sophisticated ambiance and for classical music.  It’s versatiliy allows the exploration of a broader repertoire, and gives a touch of fantasy to all events.  The looks and sound of this harp are impressive and majesctics.  Due to movings costs & instrument care, this option is more expensive than the electric harp, but it’s sound, classic looks and rich repertoire makes any event magical and absolutely worth it.

“To Zanarkand” from Final Fantasy, played & recorded live on Twitch
on my Salvi Arion SG 47 harp

Silhouette Electric by Lyon & Healy (Electric Lever Harp)

Offers the possibility to explore different contemporary sounds.  The repertoire isn’t as wide as a pedal harp allows, but the possibilities offered in terms of tone make this harp worth the try.  It’s sound is perfect for rock, jazz & lounge, but is also adaptive to other genres.  It is the most easy to travel with and cost effective option for your event  Here’s an overview of how this harp looks and sounds:

“Thinking Out Loud” from Ed Sheeran, played & recorded live on Twitch
on my Lyon & Healy Silhouette electric.

Other Equipement

For more information on the equipment that I use for venues or online performances, you can check out the page down bellow, or send me your question by email! More information will also be available on my terms & conditions page.


I have a very wide repertoire, covering various styles to fit whatever type of event and ambiance you’re trying to create.  Here’s some of the styles that I can play.

Styles that I play
  • Classical
  • Rock & Metal Covers
  • Video Game
  • Jazz & Lounge
  • Musicals & Film
  • Original

I have a wide list of my whole repertoire available, feel free to look at it.  I do also have a YouTube channel with examples of songs that I play, check it out for more inspiration!   If the piece of music your are searching for isn’t available there, it is possible that I already know it and simply didn’t list it yet.  Feel free to ask me for songs you wish to hear, and if I happen to not know the piece and you still want me to play it, it’s absolutely possible to look into it together.


Price List

Corpo Weddings
  • 300$ – first hour
  • +100$/h for each additional hour
  • 400$ – Ceremony or Cocktail
  • 550$ – Ceremony & Cocktail
  • 700$ – Ceremony, Cocktail & Dinner Party

Classical Harp: + 300$

Amplification (50 people and more): 75$

Additional distance:  0,55$/km + accommodations if applicable (50km around Montreal included)

Unlisted music: 25$ /song (Songlist here)


*Please note discounts are offered for retirement homes & cultural activities.