Most frequently asked questions about my lessons!

What is your typical process for working with a new student?

When I start working with a new student, I like to first have a phone call with them an look into what are the student’s objectives when it comes to learning music, what they are interested in, what is their current level and what level they are trying to achieve.  I will establish a plan of action on how I will help them achieve those objectives. 

On the first lesson, we’ll first take a bit of time to introduce ourselves to each other a bit better and I’ll be giving an overview of what content they can expect from the lessons.  During that first meeting, I will evaluate the level of the student, evaluate their weaknesses and strengths and give them a clearer idea of what we are going to work on for the next upcoming lessons.  The first lesson is the perfect time for us to also evaluate if we are a good match or not.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

  • I have a College Degree in classical singing and a Bachelor Degree in Music from the University of Montreal in both classical singing & harp.
  • I have over 8 years of teaching experience with both children & adults of all ages.  I have thought in 2 different music schools before. I started to go completely freelance a couple of years ago, and now I teach almost exclusively online since January 2018.
  • I stream my music performances multiple times a week on Twitch since 2 years now and I have build an amazing community of people over there.  I coach streamers and high performing musicians in the community.
  • I consistently create educational content on my YouTube channel about music theory & philosophy to help musicians and streamers.
  • I perform in Weddings and other local events on a semi-regular basis.  Though, I focus most of my energy on teaching & creating music
  • I create my own original music since many years.  Composition & songwriting are some of my biggest passions.

How did you get started teaching?

I started teaching music when I started college and working in a music store.  My first student hired me from meeting me at the music store.  An old music teacher of mine from high school ran into me at the same store a couple of months later and hired me to teach in his new music school.   

A year later, I left my job at the music store and kept working in private music schools.  I would be teaching both piano and singing there.  I did that until the end of my studies and switched to being completely freelance when I finished my Bachelor Degree.  In January 2018 I started giving music lessons online all over the world, and it soon became my main business.

What types of students do you work with?

I have taught to many different types of students since I started teaching,  but I think students who resonate the most with my style of teaching are young adults who are looking to not only learn an instrument, but also the craft of music.  The people I teach to are highly creative and driven.  They love challenges and are looking for self-improvement. 

My approach to teaching is very focused on the creative aspects of music and on understanding its language.  My mission is to give my students the tools to develop as full blown artists, capable of not only understanding the technicalities of the arts but also lead them to be able to take artistic decisions.

I also give coaching to music streamers with a focus on endurance, repertoire management/building, learning techniques and mechanics.  I help them learn to build repertoire faster through theory knowledge and build their endurance through a strong technique.  Streaming music requires specific musicianship skills that I’m well aware of being a music streamer myself.