“Amazingly sweet, great flexibility in her teaching methods. Will completely adapt to the student’s ability and musical taste. I’ve been studying with her for a year now and I always look forward to our classes.”

Alexandre Auger, Canada

I’ve been taught by her weekly for about 6 months so far. She’s a very patient teacher and tailors the lessons well to my interests.

Pekka Astala, Finland

Elvann’s music lessons are very informative and enjoyable. She takes time to explore subjects and gives helpful patient direction.

David Barker, England

We take things step by step and, with a whole hour dedicated to just me, I have quick progress overall. I also like how she teaches me sheet music and how I get to play songs that I love. She’s very flexible in that respect and has clear-cut rules that are easy to follow. Not to mention she’s pleasant to work with.

Ina Mulvik, Norway