WEEKLY CONTENT SCHEDULE | February 11th, 2019

Hellooo!  Our weekly schedule is out!

I’m trying a different schedule this week but it’s relatively similar to last weeks!  I’m not exactly sure how to organize which content to do on which day as I’m still in the process of brainstorming how I want to reframe our streams content and schedule wise, but here’s a little draft of my plans for this week!

Song Requests & learning some new songs live on stream.  There are a couple I wish to add to our repertoire and we might be working on them a bit on that day and I’ll be mostly taking song requests for you guys!

Harp Creation stream!  In this new stream segment I’m focusing mainly on anything that has to do with music creation, whether it’s song writing, recording or others.  For this week, I plan on recording some harp parts for new songs I’m looking to release!

FRIDAY @8h30AM EST / 2:30 CET
Harp Metal Stream!  In this stream segment, I’ll focus on playing songs from Metal bands, and maybe also trying to learn some new ones!  I might mix a pre-made setlist with some song requests.

Content is definitely subject for change but I wanted to start with a bit of structure!  Let me know what you think of these stream content ideas as I’m really looking into creating content you guys are excited to see 🙂

Nähdään huomenna!

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