musician & artist for hire

I've been working as a freelance musician for many years & I am available to be part of your creative projects, may it be for performing in your wedding, recording some parts for your upcoming album, creating custom music to serenade a loved one or creating arrangements of your favorite songs. My background allows me to be versatile and meet your creative endeavors.

Online Music Lessons - 50$/h

I give music lessons on Discord as well as in my studio in Montreal. I can teach harp, singing, piano, music theory, solfège & composition

Recording -100$/h

I can record harp or vocal parts for your musical projects. I'm comfortable both with improvising and reading written parts.

Composition & Arrangement - 50$/h

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Performance - (quote)

I can play for your live events & concerts around the area of Montreal. I have played in many weddings, cocktails & various other types of events.

Emotes & SUB Badges - 35$+

I create custom emotes & sub badges for your Twitch channel. I can also create everything related to your stream designs including panels & overlays.

Art Commisions - 25$+

I can create custom illustrations & designs for your personal use or for your twitch stream.

Hey, I’m Elvann!  I’m a music streamer on Twitch and a YouTuber.  My mission as a content creator is to inspire musicians to start writing their own music and offer them the tools they need to grow their passion into a business.


(photo by Cate Russell )